Fantastic Friday

 The weeks seem to be flying by at the moment, and this weekend marks the start of the last 6 weeks of competition for the season. This weekend we have 2 outings, show jumping today and dressage club tomorrow (thats not a comp but it's still fun horse stuff!). 

This weekend is the Patrons Cup, one of the Show Jumping Championships here. It runs over 3 days, and since we had plans for Saturday we went along today. I entered Henry on a 70cm and 80cm round, but I wish I had done a 90 instead of the 70!

So handsome

Henry had Thursday off, which I usually wouldn't do before a comp but there was nothing to be done about it and my new mantra is to relax and trust him, and ride the horse I have. So I went with the flow and he was perfect. Super zingy off my leg, but 100% sane and ready to do the job at hand. 

Our first round was optimum time, which as an eventer works well for me. I don't have to worry about crazy jump off lines or anything. I do have to try and remember how to count past 9 though! We were one of the last to go, and it looked like the course was riding well, there weren't many jumping faults but people were going slow. 

Henry went in and was all business, I was mindful to stay in the moment and put all our learnings to use. I used my legs much more effectively, and he jumped a beautiful clear round, 1 second off optimum time. The only thing I wish I had done in the ring was half halt him a bit more firmly, but no harm done it was something to do in the next round. 

We hung around the ring waiting for the results and the next class, and they announced the results with me in first. I felt a bit teary with pride, it was our first win, plus we won a rug and prize money. So thrilled! We got to lead a lap of honour and Henry was such a good boy for that too. I thought he might get excited but he just cantered around like he'd done it all before. 

Our second round was a lot more polished, though we had the first rail down. Henry just got a bit slack with a ind leg and tapped it. He learnt from that though and jumped his socks off for the rest of the round. I made sure to half halt more effectively, and I was much more in the zone for the round.

He was so much more in front of my leg in both the rounds, something we have been working hard on. He can be a bit slack but he really needs to step up now. Having him more forward meant he jumped so much nicer and got his leads by himself in two very twisty courses. 

He felt amazing!

It was a great morning out, and I feel so much more confident about show jumping now. I had so much fun, and winning Henry's first rug is such a huge milestone! I don't think I will stop grinning any time soon. 


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