Dear right leg

 Please work properly at all times. That would be great!

I had another lesson last night and it was so good (but also hard because riding is hard!). I am happy to report that Henry was much happier with the addition of his numnah, so hopefully we can move on from saddle fit issues. 

I warmed up keeping him long and low, allowing him to stretch over his back. Then we trotted over poles with a similar frame and did the same in canter. The first time in canter we got a clean change over the last pole! It was amazing, and  it was all because my right leg was doing its job. That was the first and last time in  the lesson!

Bec and I also went over how I should be maintaining the contact again as I have been letting it go too much again recently

We continued with an upright with placing poles and Henry was jumping so well, lovely and relaxed and using himself properly.

We got stuck into a course, starting with two uprights two strides apart then coming down a related line. I could not get the the double right to save my life. I would get the canter right, then let him slow through the corner and not use my leg early enough to keep the canter pumping. I nailed the 4 stride related line though, giving a much better ride every time. 

Eventually I managed to keep the forward canter through the double. The real key was keeping my right leg on! UGH. So simple but so hard. I also really need to get Henry in front of my leg. He has to go when I say, thats our main homework.

We finished the course perfectly, we got a good ride to the rest of the jumps and Henry did a beautiful job jumping them! 

It's frustrating when one little thing just doesn't quite work properly. But I've known about this issue for a while and now it's time to address it. I must be more effective, and be faster at it too!

So, get him off my leg and get my right leg working! So easy, right?!


  1. I've been doing physio for my adductor and it's fixed other problem areas. For the first time in a very long time I got my left leg on at a canter yesterday! And not scrunched up either! So the solution is apparently do an hour of stretches and exercises every night.

    1. Physio and pilates have made a world of difference for me in and out of the saddle. Sometimes I think I just don't transmit the signals from my brain to me limbs very well though!


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