Off the Track Summer Show

We had a very early start this morning, and it was pretty tough to get going. However we got there and I was on a horse by 6.30 as ready as you can be for dressage at that hour of the day, slightly hung over. I had a slightly bigger night that I thought,  but Rosie has a new eventing bestie and they are so cute together.
Besties with Ringo the horse and Alfie the JRT

Henry warmed up ok, he was only just keeping a lid on his stress though. I got him going as best I could and we  entered the  arena to start our test. I knew as soon as we entered the arena things  were not going to go well, so I sat up and rode the horse I had on the day. The test went something like:  Enter at A,  halt. Turn  left and trot  canter.  Extended trot canter. Walk. Trot a little bit and then throw ourselves into canter. You get the idea.
This bit looks ok!

We finished and did a reasonable halt and it was all I could do to look at the judge,  shrug  and  laugh. It was one of those  tests  that I  wont ever look at, but that I used to  hopefully get Henry into a better place for next time. I can only hope. I very much used it to train throwing everything away to encourage Henry to slow the F down.  The judge was very kind and had some helpful comments and said he shows potential so that was nice!

We had jumping next and thank god we have that  phase under control. It was Henrys first time indoors and he was definitely looking at the  people watching but since he had chilled the fuck out after dressage  he was a  good boy  and listened to me.

We had a good rhythm but one rail because 60cm is too small and he doesn't respect it. It was good for him to see the arena with small easy jumps though.

Our 75 was amazing,  I executed the plan  perfectly  and Henry got to do his first jump off.  We got 2 rails because  we got in  a bit  deep but he  jumped so well it doesn't matter.

Today was not  the day that  anyone wants really, in terms of dressage at least.  We didn't win any ribbons,  and on paper it was a  pretty average day at best. Except I had so much fun. I laughed when Henry was a twit in dressage. I helped my friends, I had no expectations and I came up with a solid plan for my jumping rounds and I stuck to it.

It also gave me some great ideas about how to warm up for dressage next time. We also need to go and do more dressage so Henry  gets bored of it. Hopefully anyway!  I know I need a pre ride and I need a solid plan for my warm up.

I was so thrilled with our jumping it more than made up for everything else. He made it feel easy, so I am excited to start stepping up to jumps bigger than speed bumps for him.

It turned out to be such a fun day,  and it was so nice  to not have the pressure I usually put on myself. Definitely something to remember for next time! Winning  and  pressure does not equal fun. Smiling  in the face of a tense horse, helping friends to kick butt and spend a nice day in the sun is the  most fun ever.

On another note, I used my new mesh jacket and  it was amazing. So comfortable I didn't take it off at all. I love it!


  1. Yay congrats on having great jumping rounds!! He definitely looks like he’s wondering why the jumps shrunk tho haha ;)

    1. I just need to re calibrate my brain now so that I get over it at comps. Everything looks tiny looking back!


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