2020 goals

In 2019 I kept my goals fairly light, not wanting to put too much pressure on myself. In 2020 I am going back to more structured goals, as there are some solid things I want to tick off.

I’ve been mulling over what I want to achieve this year. I kept things fairly vague last year and smashed some things and didn’t even attempt others. Things that seem important now often change. I think it’s important to be flexible with goals, but I also like goals for the structure they provide.

This year I have a realistic idea about how much I can do with each horse. I also want to find a balance between competing and having adequate downtime to look after myself, something that became very important last year. It’s hard because on one hand I want to do all the events and outings but I know that that’s not beneficial for me, the horse, or my bank account. So instead I am going to try and find a balance.


The big goal I have for Henry is to step up to EvA80. This is easily in our ability currently, he trains the height, tests and technicality all the time. The challenge is to put it together in a competition and for me not to get too nervous and remain confident about our ability.

I want Henry to start to relax in the warm up and dressage phase at competitions. To succeed with this I need to ensure I plan my warm ups and that we meet certain criteria at every outing we go to.

Once he is consistently relaxing I would like to start training to be competent at novice and elementary dressage. We will continue to work on this at home but I won't compete at these levels until Henry is more relaxed out competing.

I'd like to go to a few show jumping shows and jump around at 80+ if we can. This isn't going to be a priority this year though so we will see how we go.

I want to use the lower levels of eventing to train the horse and use each event as a training opportunity.

I will set  small goals for each event we attend. 

I want to ride him bravely, compassionately and with confidence.

I want to continue to build our confidence and training in a constructive and thoughtful manner.


Coolie had a really unexpectedly quiet year last year and I think he benefitted from it. It allowed me to step back and evaluate what I want for him. In an ideal world I’d event him at 80 but I don’t have the time to keep two horses that fit. Even 2 that are as easy as mine. Instead I am going to show jump him. I think he will prefer it as it means no dressage! I don’t care what height we do, though it will be under 1m because at 17 I want him happy and sound. I have several competitions in mind for him, they are all big ones and I am quite looking forward to it.

I want him to start competing in his dressage bit rather than the gag. I need to stop pulling and work on using my whole body to slow him down.

I want to have fun and enjoy getting out with Coolie.

I will ride 3x a week on average.

I want to get good at jump offs and learn about the nuances of show jumping. 


I want to qualify as an EA Level 1 coach. I have already completed the first stage and have the resources for the second stage. There are riding, horse management and coaching components that need to be completed, tested and signed off. I just need to work my  way  through it across the year.

I need to make competitions fun and not about success as winning and failure as anything but winning. Instead success needs to be progressing the training of the horse, enjoying myself and doing it for the love of the sport. I say need because I really do need to make this change for my own well being. It’s not an option anymore because of where my head has been at.

I want to have fun with my horses and with my friends and focus on the small successes I experience daily.

I want to be aware of how I feel as I live my life and I want to accept tough days and rough day with grace and positivity.

Hopefully these goals will give me plenty to work on throughout the year and I'll be able to look back with some really amazing memories!


  1. Sounds like perfectly reasonable goals!! You can do this (I had no idea Coolie was about Remus's age, Remus will be 17 this year!!)

    1. I think Coolie and Remus sound like two peas in a pod! I can definitely do this, I just have to keep reminding myself now!


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