Fuck you, summer

Things have been really quiet around here, and I gotta say I am feeling pretty over it right now. I think I have the end of season blues plus it’s the second week with temps above 36C which is horrendous and it doesn’t look like the summer is set to change.
For those playing along at home, thats equivilent to 105F

We aren’t quite in drought conditions yet where I live but some parts of the state are. We had a really dry winter and summer is set to be a scorcher with very hot, dry conditions forecast. Right now I am hating on the Indian Ocean Dipole that is pushing more and more hot weather our way. Apparently the really hot temps will give way to some slightly less hot temps come January but I’ll believe it when it happens. So far we have had the hottest start to summer on record and spring wasn’t that great either.
Rosie is the best helper!

Right now I wish we lived closer to the coast and the hot weather has me feeling really down. It is so tiring, I get up early to walk Rosie and it’s already warm and the flies are disgusting. I have been riding before work but I haven’t ridden for a few days because I’m a bit worried about getting the horses too hot at the start of the day.

The horses are actually fine though. There have been some fairly heated rug debates online where people have been criticising those who choose to rug their horses in a cotton sheet on those really hot days. I am all for everyone making the best choice for their own horses, but I do keep sheet on mine. Henry is really dark and the white sheet keeps him cooler, and Coolie gets hammered by flies so he also keeps his sheet on. I know they stay cooler, I make sure to keep an eye on them and they have access to plenty of shade and water. I think I need to invest in some new mesh sheets though because mine are looking pretty knackered.
We made a cat enclosure for Arthur!

I have been giving them electrolytes and wetting their rugs to cool them down, plus I discovered hosing the sand in their yards makes a difference and it stays damp and cool throughout the night. The horses are coping better than I am which makes me feel a lot better about things.

Another things I am finding hard is the ground. There’s a saying that if you can keep an eventing horse sound in Western Australia, you can keep them sound anywhere because the ground is so hard. Coolie is one of those horses who isn’t bothered about the hard ground and will stride out happily. Henry is finding it harder and while he’s not lame, he isn’t moving forward in the bush. At home in the paddock where we have plenty of sand he’s fine so I have decided that we will only walk in the bush from now on. They are both going to hate me, but walking up hills is great for topline and since this summer’s main focus is project topline it will work out ok anyway.
Rosies first Christmas

Last weekend we got some nicer weather so I did some gymnastic jumping with both of the horses. They both felt amazing which perked me up a lot. 
He makes it look small

The last thing we have for the year is a clinic with Bec on the 22nd. That will also be fun and I get to ride with my friends there so that will be a highlight! It’s been ages since we rode together.

Other than complaining about how hot it is, I have been quietly planning Christmas and I am feeling excited about all the Christmas baking I want to do (not excited about having the oven on though, yuck!).
Coolies still got it!

I hope everyone is enjoying their quieter days, hopefully my next post will be less whiney and a little more upbeat with some fun pony adventures to share! Until then I’m going to be here sweltering and drinking G&T’s to numb the pain. I think a trip to the beach is in order!
Henry jumped a chicken, the chicken ran away. Can't blame her


  1. oh man, i've been wondering how things were going around your parts!! sorry to hear that it's been so miserable tho, bleh. we had some pretty intense stretches of heat this past summer here too, tho agreed that the hard ground was actually maybe the bigger deal. charlie is maybe a bit like henry in that it really affected his overall comfort in day to day work... here's hoping the heat wave and drought break for you soon!!

    1. We are just here, slowly oven baking in the sun! Sadly for us hot, dry summers are the norm and I don't expect to see any real relief until March, but recent years we've not had any real rain until May. Until then we will just do what we can!

  2. okay that makes me be okay with the cold temps we have here. Thank you! :) And the mere mention of flies skeeves me out. UGH stay cool if you can!! I hope you get a break soon!!

    1. hahaha, yeah it's horrible here and I think I would prefer the cold. Although when I am cold I always dream of summer. Can never win


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