Wet weather spendy

We had a really yucky storm recently and the weather was just too bad to be outside. And there just so happened to be a sale on and my in laws just so happened to be coming out to Australia in the near future, so I may have parted ways with some hard earned cash.

First up a bought a PS of Sweden saddle blanket in emerald green. I have been lusting after green things for a while and had a genius idea the other day that made this a necessary purchase. I've used it twice and it seems to be a really nice saddle blanket. It fits well, looks lovely and doesn't bunch up or slip down on the wither. I will see how it washes and wears as it's satin but I plan on using it as a show pad so I am hoping it will last.
This picture doesn't show the colour well, but it's lovely!

Secondly I bought Henry a new fly veil. He got a new one last year and it only just made it through a season. Coolies is into its third season and other than grass seeds in the velcro looks brand new so Henry got the same one. It fits well and is the same quality so I am hoping it lasts a while. The flies are already bad so anything is better than nothing.
Love this brand, they fit well and last

I also bought the Hands On Grooming Gloves. Coolie is a very itchy horse and loves being scratched and I have had them in my head for a while so I took the oppourtunity to buy them. Coolie loves them so much, they get his itchy spots really well and get into spots the curry comb just can't. Henry is unconvinced but they do a good job so he will live.
So useful for shedding season

A while ago I won a pvc halter for Henry. I've been thinking about buying new halters for a while but didn't love many of the options in tack shops. This pvc one is great though and it has worn really well so I thought I'd get one for Coolie too. I custom ordered it in green and gold with a snap on the throat latch and it's really good. it was soft straight out (Henry's had to be worn in) and the colour suits Coolie well. I will definitely buy pvc halters for everyday from now on.
Hansom fellow 

I have ordered a mesh show coat from the UK (the AA motion lite from Horseware) I love the idea of this coat but have gambled in it fitting so fingers crossed it looks good. Although our comp season is in winter it's still hot March-May and October/November and while I love my coat something a bit lighter would be better when it's really hot. It's here and it looks quite nice, although a little less flattering than my current jacket. It is so light though so I am looking forward to wearing it soon.

Finally Henry is a delicate flower (although not as delicate as Coolie) and his saddle blankets rub his fur out. After reading Amanda's post about her Henry and the PEI saddle blankets I ordered my own, also in navy. Here's hoping they solve my Henry's issues, although we usually only have problems when his coats is changing or he has been clipped. These pads are really good quality, they fit well, look good and are sooooo fluffy. Henry seems to approve too.

I can get stuff cheaper in the UK, even with the Aussie dollar performing so badly against the pound and with free shipping and free personal delivery my purchases from the UK have saved me about $300. Or two free saddle pads, which ever way I want to justify it to myself.

My wallet seems to have gone missing now so I'll have to curb my spending until I have saved enough for a new saddle!


  1. I really like that fluffy saddle pad and if I ever need some fluff in Eeyore's life it is the top of my list.

  2. I love halters with the latch at the noseband. You rarely see them here in the US. Glad you got some good shopping in!

  3. Oooo I've side-eyed that emerald from PS a lot! I bet it looks awesome on both boys! I also find it amusing that two Henrys are Very Special Boys haha. I hope those saddle pads work well and don't rub out his fur.


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