Suns out!

So this weekend was supposed to be wet and raining which meant I didn't have any plans. But then my coach messaged me about XC training and I can't help but say yes! Plus the forecast for Saturday was looking a lot less wet that predicted and we woke up to some lovely sunshine.

We went along with Henry and his friend Henry. The two Henrys are the same colour with no white markings, both off the track, both raced twice, and both very sweet. It is quite fun to have a matching pair. The other Henry was my coaches horse but she sold him recently to another student so they were out to get used to one another and we were there for a good time.

We started out nice and steady, I had to warm up really owning the right rein and ensuring self carriage. Henry was pretty chilled out but he was fresh from an easy week and so I worked to get him relaxed and going well. It gave me a really good idea about how I need to warm up for events. I really need to take my time to make sure that Henry is working into the contact and in self carriage.

We popped over a log a few times to warm up and then moved onto the sunken road. The coarse was very wet from all the rain we have had and se we had to really pick and choose our jumps. We cantered a log and down and up the sunken road, and once I remember to ride more forward things really started clicking for us. I think I have been a bit hesitant to ride Henry forward but when I did the jumps came up well. All our jumping lessons have been paying off to because my position and decision making skills were both really strong. Plus It's been making a big difference having a stronger feeling of my leg on.

We added in a log with a steep him approach and the first time through Henry didn't half halt when asked and we got a little deep and he jumped it huge. I came right back through and he had learnt from his mistake, half halted beautifully and we had all the time in the world to get a good distance and he jumped it super.

We moved onto the water and most of that area was water logged. We walked and trotted through, then up and out the bank. We turned around and jumped in from the little bank and then jumped another log we have done before. This time there were puddles on both sides but Henry didn't notice. He felt so established about everything so we tackled the 95 jumping into the water, which has a little log on top. We trotted in, I looked up into the distance and kept my leg on. Henry hesitated but my leg was there to support him and he popped off like he'd done it all before.

We then did a couple of courses incorporating some terrain and the drops into the water and it was so easy. It's so fun to ride this horse, he gallops in self carriage and he seems to love his job. Plus he is feeling so established and confident.

We went out the back in search of some drier ground and we got to tackle some bigger jumps! We started  by jumping the ditch which Henry hesitated at but again I was ready with my leg so it was a non event, then we jumped into the leaf pit. That was fine too so we added a few jumps in and made a little course.

We started by jumping a big white oxer, my canter was a little quiet coming in and I saw a long spot to it. I came around with a stronger canter and we got a good spot and then kept going to the leaf pit, then over the 95 wall and the 95 ski jump. I set him up to each fence and rode with confidence and he tackled each jump with confidence like they were no bigger than the little jumps he usually does.

It was so cool to play with some bigger fences and feel Henrys confidence. Plus I really started to get a feel for him travelling more and not once did we lose self carriage, he bowled along and I often had a bit of a loop in my reins.

Next weekend we are going XC training again and I think his confidence is going to get boosted even further leading up to our next event. I can't wait!


  1. You guys look awesome!

  2. wow jealous of that weather and of the fun you had. You guys look amazing!!

  3. he's getting so confident with all those interesting terrain questions!


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