Moora CNC 2019

This weekend we packed up Henry and Rosie and headed up to Moora for Henrys second event. Andrew and I had the day off on Friday so we packed in the morning and headed off around lunch time. We arrived with plenty of time to set up camp, ride, wash and plait before we had dinner and an early night.

My dressage test was one of the first in the morning so I was up early to pre-ride and get Henry sorted with time to spare. Henry was feeling fresh and a bit tense but I got him to a good place in our pre-ride and I knew he would relax further in our warm up.

In no time at all I was headed into the ring with a slightly tense horse still, and we laid down a reasonably good test. His trot work all felt really solid, his canter transitions where nice and prompt and on the correct lead and his last halt was straight and square. He broke in the walk, which showed his tension however overall it was a solid test. He was far more relaxed than when we were in Kellerberrin and he felt a lot more grown up. I think we will be able to crack Henrys tension over the next few outings and I will get my laid back boy back. Heres hoping anyway! He did handle the busy warm up like a pro and tried to do everything I asked so I was pleased with him.

We had a couple of hours to relax before we show jumped so we caught up with our friends before I tacked up again. I gave Henry a small feed while I did so he had something decent in his tummy, I thought it might help prevent stress and ulcers. He was happy to eat and drink all weekend and was super relaxed on the ground, just nervous under saddle.

It was getting hot for show jumping, with an expected high of 27C and it was humid too. Henry was still feeling good though and he jumped well in the warm up. My goals for show jumping was to ride forward and try and land on the correct leads, plus make decisions to every fence.

The course started on the right rein and while I messed up the first fence, all the other jumps were great. I maintained a nice forward rhythm, but Henry stayed in the right lead throughout the course. He gave a couple of rails a good knock but they all stayed in the cups and we finished clear. Good pony!

We spent the rest of the arvo walking the XC course and catching up with people we haven't seen for ages, plus making new friends.

Our course looked good, inviting with a few questions for Henry. There was a troll bridge I was a little worried about, and a ditch but everything else was simple enough. I knew I would have to keep Henry straight and set him up but I was confident he could handle it.

Saturday night was spent drinking wine with friends and we had a late night for us! We still woke up on Sunday with the sun excited for cross country day.


  1. troll bridge. OMG Remus would die. Can't wait to read the reset but your Henry looks great!!

    1. I nearly died when i first saw it. Happy to say there was a photographer there!

  2. ha those jumps look way too small for him considering what you've been schooling!


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