Walliston Dressage and Show Jumping

Today Henry and I went up to our local club to do some dressage and show jumping. Last time we competed up there Henry was very reactive and we didn't end up competing at all. He has grown up a lot since then so I thought it would be good to get a bit more experience in a low key place.

Dressage was up  first, but not until 11.30 so we had a relaxing morning! I put dinner on, played with Rosie and got a few things  done before heading off. It was very nice.

Henry warmed up for dressage soft and supple and feeling lovely. He was a little behind my leg but  his transitions were prompt and he got more forward the more we did.

Our test was very nice and nothing was really wrong with it, I just felt very disorganised! It  seemed a bit of  a fine line between forward and on the forehand and together. It was tricky to balance it right but we got through and I was pleased with it.

We  had 3 rounds of jumping, one at 60 and 2 at 70. My coach was up helping another  rider warm up so she helped me warm up to! It was seriously helpful to have her there and I was able to get the very best our of Henry before we went in. Our 60 round was smooth and clear!  There was a lot of fill and Henry gave it  all a good look but went nicely off my  leg  into each fence. We got long to jump 1 but  the  rest of the fences were ok. We also landed on all the correct leads bar 1! Progress!

I chatted  to my coach about where we needed to improve and went in for our first 70 round confident. He got a much better spot to fence 1 and I was a lot more present for this round. Henry was a lot more confident with the fill and we came in a bit quiet to 8 and got a long spot to 9 which was a related line. I Saw the takeoff point though and made a decision so that was a good thing. We  ended up with just one rail down which he tapped with a hind leg.

Our second 70 round was pretty spot on and clear! Very very pleased with it. He felt awesome and things really came together for us.

Over all we WON our dressage test, won our 60 round and came 2nd in the 70. Very  pleased but even better Henry was best performed off the track thoroughbred! It was a very productive day out and it  was and excellent training opportunity!

Andrew was judging at  another comp all weekend and I was flying solo. Which means no media but it was great because I had to over come my nerves on my own.


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