Coolie is not pleased!

This week we have been working on things at home again. Things are going fine on the flat, Henry continues to improve and be the easy horse. Coolie thinks that it's rubbish his extended holiday appears to be over. He argues about going into the contact, argues about going forward and argues about going to work in general until he gives up and works nicely like I know he can!

However, in more exciting times both horses have been jumping this week! Henry hasn't jumped since Gidge, so two weeks. Seems like ages. Coolie though.. I don't remember the last time he jumped! People keep asking me whats wrong with him. For the record, nothing!

Henry jumped on Tuesday and I had two main objectives: ride forward and land on  the correct canter leads.  We have been  working on leads on the flat using a pole and it's improving but still a bit hit and miss. It's hard to tell if it's him or me. Probably me!

We warmed up and he felt fresh! He is a good boy though and knows he has to listen no matter how full of it he feels. I remembered to ride forward, and while it felt fast it was probably about right. We did seem to trade forward for breaks so we had to tune them up too.

Lead changes were awesome from the left to the right. He got the, every single time! From the right to the left was a bit less consistent but they  were there! It was a huge improvement to the last few time we have jumped and it hasn't happened at all. The ride itself felt a bit messy, and I felt like I wasn't staying with him as well as I could.

Our last round  of jumps things finally came together and we had forward, breaks, lead changes and I managed to  stay with him. We will keep chipping away, but it's very hard not to be over critical of myself.

Coolie jumped on Wednesday and I expected him to be very rusty. I didn't have anything I wanted to achieve other than to just do it!

He was awesome, like we hadn't missed a day! It was so much fun and it was great to feel all our work still there. Something to aspire to with Henry for sure. We kept the jumps small, since he isn't conditioned to jumping at all. That and Coolie was putting a big effort in all by  himself.

Over all we had 2 very productive rides and we all enjoyed it I think. This weekend Andrew is away judging so I get to hang out with all the animals. Henry and I are going to do some SJ and dressage and we have a lesson tomorrow too. Lots to look forward to!


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