Mountain ponies

This update is brought to you from the Lake District in England. We have been very busy travelling round, climbing more mountains and visiting friends and family around the country. We also spent a week in Scotland and other than walking around Lochs and up mountains, we rode some horses in the highlands!
So pretty!

This was a much shorter ride, with much better behaved horses. My cob Opal was a doll, nice and sparky without actually trying to buck me off. Andrews horse had the most amazing moustache!
Halfway up a snowy mountain in Wales

We had a nice ride up a hill, through the forrest and a farm, seeing a herd of deer, an eagle and loads of lambs and sheep. It was a perfect way to get a horse fix. Can't wait to get home and see our boys now though, but it's been so nice seeing lots of wonderful parts of the world.
The Kelpies in Scotland. Biggest horse statues in the world
On top of a dead volcano, Edinburgh 

Mr. Darcy's house 
Loch an Eilein 

One big pony nose!
On a pony in Scotland!

We went canoeing on a Loch

Half way up a Munro

Check out the mo!

It was -16c on top of the mountain. The coldest I have EVER been

Opal smiled for the camera

Ahhh, my kinda place!

Chickens sunbaking

The Green Loch


  1. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous.

  2. omg the nose hair and mustache on your husbands horse kills me haha, so cute!!! and omg Mr Darcy's house!!!!!!!

  3. Gah, those pictures are to die for!

  4. The kelpie statues are really cool!


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