Hello from Wales!

Here we are in the Northern Hemisphere! We have been here 6 days and are really having a wonderful time. We have done loads of hiking and exploring and the weather has been just magnificent. I have made friends with donkeys and pigs, and seen lots of wild ponies. Very cool!

Today we went for a horse riding trek in the Brecon Beacons ini Wales. The forecast was cold with showers, and it was cold! II hadn’t bothered to pack breeches but decided I would be more comfortable in breeches rather than jeans so Andrew and I went shopping yesterday. Andrew got some lovely fleece lined breeches and I got some normal ones. I decided to wear fleecy tights under mine, and just as well I did!

We did a full day trek with a stop for lunch at the local pub in the middle. We arrived early and helped take. Our horses up before setting out. My horse Scruffy was young, and only in his second season of trekking. Andrew had a much more seasoned horse, Teddy a haflinger. 

We set out through the forest before climbing half way up thee mountain and riding across the side. We saw loads of sheep, lambs and wild ponies as well as birds. We crossed streams and trotted and cantered, and if your name was Scruffy, bucked and pigrooted. It was very enjoyable. Maybe not the head between your knees bucking though.

Our lunch at the pub was very civilised and just what we needed to warm up before setting out to the mountains once again.

A very new, wobbly foal

The second half was much the same, stunning views, climbing mountains, and then getting hailed on! It hailed and sleeted on and off for the rest of the ride and it was FREEZING! Cold to the bone kind of stuff. I was every glad for all my layers and my scarf.

All in all it was a good day of riding, but my boys at home are much better behaved!  

The white stuff on the mountain is hail. It wasn't there an hour before. 

So cute!


  1. Hi back to you that looks cold but so much fun!! I want to ride to a pub :) Bring donkeys and sheep back but no pigs :) Glad you are having fun. Stay warm!

    1. The pigs were friendly, and no ponies in sight ;)
      Doing our best on the warm front!

  2. You are the luckiest person on the planet. Wales is my favorite place in the entire world!!! Gorgeous!!!!

    1. I was thinking of you while I was taking lots of pictures!

  3. How fun! I've always wanted to go horse trekking!


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