I like pina coladas... and getting caught in the rain!

Well, its been raining a lot here in WA! A lot for us anyway. Our dam is full and the paddocks are wet.

Paddling in a creek
All the rain means the paddock is too wet to ride in. So the horses are doing lots of bush rides! Last weekend I took both the horses with me to pony club to use an arena at lunch time. I spent the whole day being asked by one student "is that Dakota?" me: "yup", Student "can I ride her?" me: "NO!".

Both horses worked super. Dakota got a bit more arena time, and my coach commented she was looking good. That's a win if you ask me!

Monday it rained. No riding, put ponies to bed.. it stopped raining. I'm no fair weather rider but I don't have a dry place to tack up!

Tuesday Coolie and I managed a ride in the arena. Dakota saw another horse and turned into a tart! Wednesday it stormed... no riding. Thursday no rain! Took Dakota out in the bush but since she hadn't been ridden and was being fed a LOT I was a bit worried she was going to be super charged... She was perky but happy to do what I wanted so she is a super good girl.
Tart in action

Today no rain again, So I'll Ride D after work. I'll ride Coolie tomorrow, then D has a jumping lesson on Sunday and Both horses have a lesson with Manu McLean on Monday. So a fairly bust weekend!


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