Gidgegannup CNC 2 - The Accidental Eventer

Gage 2 with Dakota this weekend. We got a great draw time again so had a sleep in on Saturday!

In the lead up to the weekend we did a lot of flat work and went to the state equestrian centre to hire an arena to get familiar with a formal arena. She was tense but worked into it and I felt it was exactly what we needed for the weekend.

Friday she had a jump and a bath (much to her disgust) and I plaited and packed.

Saturday we headed off to Gidge for a late start, my test not being until 1! She warmed up well, but was not happy about a rider with questionable control catering past very closely. We went in for our test and whist she was still tense, she did everything int he right place and was far more consistent than other events. Typically it rained just for us, I seem to bring the rain!

With only dressage on Saturday, I went off to walk the cross country. I've competed at Gidge for a number of years so I had a fair idea of what to expect. There was nothing I was too worried about, a couple of new jumps which was nice, it's good to see some changes!

Sunday we were on at 8.47 so we got up early to get there for 7.30. I went down to the paddock to get Dakota... only to see her face was fat, like a chipmunk! I had a good poke around and didn't think she was sore, so loaded her up hoping it would go down! We got to Gidge and few her, desperately trying to reduce the swelling. Thankfully it work and her face had gone down by the time I was warming up. She was bright and eating well, so I figured she had been bitten by something and had had a reaction!

Over number 1
She warmed up well, feeling confident. We headed to the start box and the timer counted us down. Then we were off! One was a fruit box, shared with he 65, so she flew over that. 2 was the rails, again shared with 65 so also easy. 3 was the chevron, I sat her up through the turn and she popped it perfectly. I let her get a bit of speed up to 4, a natural log which she didn't blink at. Round to 5, the apex and on to the log before the water. She flew over the log with a bit much enthusiasm, and I missed the tight turn to the water. No problem the compulsory flag was on the other side so we just turned around and trotted through, leaping up the bank and onto the roll top at 7b. I let her gallop up the hill, she felt so confident and she was listening perfectly.

Galloping up the hill
8 was a big wagon that she soared over, 9 a trakhener we had practiced for. 10 was a new fence in amongst some sand hills. She jumped it easily but has a bit of a look on the approach, trying to read the fence.

11a was a drop, 4 stride curved line to 11b, a bank, then 3 strides to 11c, a brush. She was perfect locking on to the brush to fly over that. Again I let her gallop to the next fence, allowing her to move up to where she was comfortable.

12 was a pheasant feeder. As we came around the corner to the fence she locked on to a huge over, 105/1* in height. She was ready to jump it, until I pointed her at her much smaller jump!
Pheasant feeder, with the big over she wanted to jump on the left
 Next fence was a chair which caused us no problem then we were onto 14, the only fence I was worried about, a coffin complex with a ditch in the middle. I sat her up, had my leg on... she popped the upright beautifully, then saw the ditch... she attacked it and jumped a stride early. Good girl!

15 was the last fence and we were home safe. I can't believe how confident she is out there! I wasn't wearing my watch so I had no idea of my time, but felt she had covered ground well.

Show jumping went very well
after walking another course with a friend where I got well and truly wet, it was on to show jumping. Dakota was full of beans, but I just warmed her up lightly, playing with finding the sweet spot in her canter. As we went in I trotted past the only fence I thought she would look at. I presented to the judge, who chuckled at her name and cantered round to the first fence, with a big grin on my face listening to the commentator speculate about how she got her name. Dakota flew around all the fences I needn't have worried about the fence I thought she'd have a look at. she locked on early and attacked it! Between 3 and 4 she picked up the wrong canter lead andI spent too long trying to fix it. It meant we had a weak canter and she got in too close to the jump and took a rail. The rest of the course she finished up well, with no other penalties.
Attack mode!

We ended up midfield in a very competitive class. I am thrilled with how well she took everything. It's hard to remember this was only her 6th event! She was so happy out there and I really feel she enjoys doing it.

Bring on the next event!

Wavy board


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