An update!

If I thought things were quiet on the blog last year, its been quieter this year. Part of me really wants to get back to writing things down more regularly, I miss writing and the process of documenting everything, but realistically, I don’t have the time or mental space to document like I did. I have less spare time, and less ability to just write.  Some of my desire to document has been shifted into a paper diary, though that doesn’t document all the micro details of my horse life like this space used to.

Cheeky 1 and cheeky 2

Anyway, there have been some changes this year, namely I have taken a huge step back from competition. Possibly I should have done it last year but didn’t. I thought I would miss it, but for the most part I don’t. The thought of competition largely fills me with dread and that’s not fun. I don’t have space in my life for doing things that should be fun because I feel like I should. I have been entering things if they feel like they will be fun. If I don’t want to go, I don’t enter. Some things have been nerve wracking but fun, and some have been just plain fun.

We have been to a show! We jumped clear, had fun and got a cute photo

Another big change is that Coolie has a new rider. I have had lots of thoughts about finding him a person, but not knowing where to look, since he needs to be kept at home, needs to be ridden in a way that is aware of his age, and it needed to feel right for all of us. Then along came Fee, who I knew through my coach. I reached out to her and we haven’t looked back. Coolie has filled her with so much confidence, he looks after her, and she spoils him. She has slotted right into our lives, and we are happy to have her for however long she wants to keep riding the old fellow (who bounces around taking the proverbial acting about 4).

Henry and I have been having so much fun. It’s ridiculous actually. Taking a step back has let me appreciate how cool he is and how much fun we could be having. I just feel like we have a much better partnership now, and he has shown me how sensible is (unless cantering in the bush with Coolie, then he is still a dingbat!).

I swear this was bigger, Hen makes it look easy peasy 

Henry and I have been going to lots of lessons, going to dressage club and adult riders and having a lot of fun. Recently Jonna came over form Melbourne since the start of 2020, before all the covid lockdowns began. It was SO good to see him. We had 2 really amazing lessons, and I feel like it just put us back on track and reminded me of what I should be aiming for.


It has been so nice to focus on training without competition goals breathing down my neck all year. I think I have made a lot more progress as a result and Henry and I have been out competing at elementary and scoring 60+% in our tests. It has been really cool to progress in our flatwork and just cruise along enjoying the new challenge.

We have a few things lined up for the end of the year and I’m looking forward to it (mostly when I’m not feeling nervous) and am going with no expectations except to enjoy the day out with my horse. Next month we have a dressage comp and I’m really excited about it! Then to finish the year we are going to do some more dressage and maybe a little bit of cross country and show jumping. We will see what happens.


  1. omg that first photo is too cute! what an awesome situation for Coolie, and glad you are feeling so good about how things are going right now! i'm with ya on really focusing on the things i *want* to do, vs what i feel like i *should* be doing...

  2. It is so, SO good to see you post. And all the props to you for doing what feels fun and just enjoying your horse. I am in such a similar place right now, and it feels weird in some ways after deliberately chasing competition goals for so long, but it also feels right.


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