Fresh, wild horses

After a very quiet couple of weeks, we have some plans again finally. Usually by this time of year I am glad to have some time off to relax, but not this year. This year I am pump and excited to keep going.

Henry is officially back in work and feeling very well. I rode him in the paddock on the weekend and he worked well, but really wanted to have a buck. He kept telling me, and I kept telling him he wasn’t allowed, but he took the opportunity when he got one. It was wild I tell ya. He’s clearly missed his calling in life, bronc is where it’s at.

Wild I tell ya!

Henry had a physio appointment at the weekend too, and she said he is feeling better, though still tight in certain spots. She dry needled him, which he thought was weird and he didn’t love the experience but it will make him feel so much better. The physio said some interesting things, mainly that where he is sore could indicate ulcers. Ulcers are something I have worried about with Henry in the past, he isn’t very symptomatic at all, but he struggles to gain weight. Having her tell me that has helped confirmed my thoughts and I will book him to get scoped.


Coolie also got ridden in the paddock for the first time in months. I avoid it because usually he is really unmotivated, but he was amazing. We had a lot of fun and he worked correctly, feeling like he never missed a beat. He obviously appreciated the variety, so point taken I need to change things up more often.

This week Henry and I have a lesson on Thursday. The forecast this week is for very hot weather, and the easterly has been howling in the mornings when it is cool to ride. That does not fill me with motivation! So, it will be a matter of riding when it is not too hot or windy. Thankfully Thursday is forecast I the low 30’s so we wont get too hot in our lesson. 

One old bloke strutting his stuff

I need to have a jump on both of the boys this week, if I go too long, I mess up and don’t ride forward enough so I need to get on with it. Maybe Saturday. Sunday Henry and I are going cross country training. I am pretty pumped for it, it will probably be our last time for a while!

OMG look at him!! So uphill, much sitting

I have also been on the hunt for some low-key stuff on early next year and have found a dressage comp we might enter. It will be low key, but will help keep us moving forward.

I hope everyone is enjoying the quieter off season, anywhere in the world. Hopefully Christmas preparations aren’t weighing everyone down too much, it can be hard to find a balance.


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