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So WA is down to just 13 cases, and we have a bit more freedom to move around. Having horses means that life hasn't really changed, we just  don't have any comps on the horizon and it's looking like we wont be out competing until September/October, and then it will really depend on getting officials etc. Fingers crossed!
This shirt is all the quarantine feels

Anyway, we have just been ticking along working on tricky stuff at home. Coolie is getting a few rides a week, but I have opted not to clip him this year. Both of them got seriously fluffy and I held out for as long as possible to clip Henry, but with wet, cold weather forecast this week he has now had a haircut. He looks much better for it, and  he is lovely and shiny.
Seriously the cutest

Andrew and I caught up with a friend for a trail ride on Sunday and we had such a nice time. It was warm again (seriously summer will not leave!) and we headed up to Pickering Brook to explore the trails there. We had a very nice ride, both ponies were excellent, though they are so funny. Henry was at the back when we trotted and he was NOT HAPPY JAN! He said if he was going to be at the back he had to canter, so I said fine but it just wasn't working so I made him trot. He had a bit of a sad tossing his head around,  then I think he decided there was nothing he could do so  he put his head down, worked into a contact and worked his butt.

Today I had some very exciting news, an email came through that said we have dressage club running this weekend!!! I immediately signed up for a group lesson and an individual lesson. Our club is small and we are allowed to have gatherings of up to 10 people, so the club got the all clear to run. I am thrilled and I can't wait.

The downside to us having fewer cases is that I probably have to go back to work next week. I have loved working from home, I have so much more time, I feel better for it and I have been cycling so i am fitter too. It's been great but it was bound to end some time.

I have had to scramble to find a farrier this week. My lovely farrier (who is 72 and a body builder and looks about 50) was shoeing a horse on Friday before he came to do my boys and felt something ping in his shoulder. He was pretty sure he had done a tendon which was confirmed by MRI. He had surgery today. So my horses didn't  get done and it looks like Mike will be out for a while (I really hope not forever though!). It seems I have found someone else to do them tomorrow without too much trouble though which is a relief. Finding a new farrier is one of my nightmares!

In other news I have planted a heap of veggies in our garden, and I  am enjoying the extra time I have to cook lots. I love cooking and while Andrew and I cook dinner every night, it's been a joy not to have to rush about doing it.


  1. I'm glad things re easing up a bit for you over there. We are slowly starting to open some things and time will tell how it goes. Have fun at the lessons this weekend!

  2. ugh about now i wish i lived in WA. I am so happy all good things are happening there (AND hope your farrier is okay!) and love the shirt :) Have fun!!


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