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This weekend went by in a flash but it was lovely! We didn’t have too many plans but there were plenty of horse activities and playing with Rosie.

On Saturday Henry and I went XC training with a friend along to babysit. I had hoped for a lesson before Gidge but it wasn’t to be so we were on our own which is ok. I just take it easy and stay well within our comfort levels. I ride more confidently with my coach so I always make sure we don’t run into issues without her.

Anyway, turns out that Henry was not the one who needed baby sitting but ended up being the sitter. My friends horse was fresh and took ages to settle into work. She got there eventually and they ended up having a productive outing. It hadn’t seemed like it was going to be that way at the start though. Henry and I also had a productive outing. For starters he settled right down to work, and then stood around watching my friends mare throw some theatrics.

We started jumping a log which was fine, then headed to the water. HE was sceptical of the muddy ground around the water but it didn’t deter him, he was just a bit less forward than usual. He jumped in and out easily though, and we did a little course incorporating the water and some other jumps near by. He stayed nice and forward, just rolling long tackling each new fence confidently.

Sadly there wasn’t a whole lot of visually interesting jumps around, but it was good to get him out and thinking forward in an open area. We moved to the far corner of the course and found some boxes to jump. I even got brave enough to jump a box that was in the 80 course that I thought looked big. Henry was cool with it though and cruised over.

I incorporated these new fences into a course and to finish up I did a larger course revisiting what we had already done. Henry got wiggly into the jumps after a longer gallop stretch but jumped fine which is something to note for next weekend.

Overall it was a nice easy, productive session to tune us both up before next weekend. We are more than ready!

Sunday I ride both horses on the flat and while Henry came out ready to work (after he ran away from me and chucked a fit because I wouldn’t ket him in the back paddock) but Coolie was not up for working properly. Since he has been in less work I have been very careful with his rides, slowly building the fitness back and getting him supple again. I have been insisting that he is forward and working correctly though and he is not ok with that. It was a hard ride for both of us but in the end he softened and worked nicely and we ended on a good note.

The rest of the weekend was spent in the garden with Rosie. We planted the veggie patch, did lots of exploring and running and generally enjoyed being outside. Rosie is very sweet, she loves to be with us and she was tuckered out after a very busy day!


  1. You and Henry look great out there! I'm glad it was a successful outing :) And I LOVE that turquoise on Coolie!


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