How we came to be

Welcome! Dakota says hi too. She wants cuddles and treats really. She will walk away when she realises you have run out, but don't worry, she will be back!

I intend this to be about my (unlikely) success with The Accidental Eventer. So I guess I should start by introducing ourselves, and by us I mean her
Life isn't too bad through those arab ears!

The Accidental Eventer, is a small chestnut mare. She is about 15.1hh. There isn't much of her, but please don't let that fool you. She is a baby dragon, better known as an Anglo arab stock horse cross. My OH and I bought her about a year ago (Jan, 2015) with the intention of brining her on a bit for him to use as a bush riding horse. She was green, too small, and he is green and tall but we couldn't go past her attitude. And hey, if it all went pear-shaped, we could sell her on.

Being green I decided that it would benefit her to try her hand at a few different things. I like my horses to be well rounded, even though my main focus is eventing. She she went dressage training, was introduced to show jumping, and then one day we went cross country. Dakota had, up to this point proved to be fairly handy. She likes a challenge. Cross country was no different. She FLEW.  It was only over 45-65cm, but still for a pony who hadn't seen a cross country fence before it was pretty good.

Following this I decided to enter her into a few hunter trial events (XC, with a few show jumps and other obstacles thrown in for good measure). For a horse who had only seen a handful of XC fences, done 1 show jumping round, and never seen a bridge or deli curtains, she exceeded herself. I had low expectations. I just wanted her to potter around and have an encouraging outing. She was mostly just tagging along after my other horse (he events at EvA95). Well, she only went and won both her rounds (45cm and 65cm. It's not huge, but still).
Is that food?

After relaying this to my coach, she told me I might have to start eventing 2 horses. So I got to work! Since then Dakota has been training for her eventing d├ębut. She has been to a handful of show jumping and dressage shows, training days and lessons.

So far, she is proving to be game. She is a smart little red pony with a big heart that makes up for her lack of height. She is one of the most fun horses to ride and train. So welcome to our journey!


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