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Cyclone Rosie

Rides since Gidge have been pretty ordinary, just chipping away putting the hard yards in. We have been taking things pretty easy with quite a few bush rides between working on flatwork. We haven't jumped at all, but hopefully that will change this weekend!

Coolie has been getting more work as the days get longer and I am hoping to get him out to a few events before the season finishes. We will see though, time is hard to find currently but he needs a job!

Yesterday we went to the dentist and both horses teeth are looking great. Coolies carries have all grown out, Henry is carries free, and both of them only had a few sharp points. Seems like the diet change has paid off. No sugar for my boys. Well at least not sugary hay.

Today Henry got a well deserved massage, he has a few tender spots so hopefully it will help get  on top of those. I have been doing a course online to learn more about horse massage and stretching which is very interesting and will hopefully help me help my  ho…

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