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State Show Jumping Champs

This was my first time attending this competition since you know, we're eventers and all that. Since Andrew would be there 3 of the 4 days, and I went to watch last year I decided why not so Henry  and I went along just for the day on Saturday.  I entered two classes but since it's show jumping I had no idea when they would start. I was on the road at about  8.15 and arrived with ample time to hurry up and wait. I took Henry for a walk, to try and let him see the sights in a hope he would be calmer than at Capel. He  was fine until he saw a group of cyclists out on  the road and he lost his mind a tiny bit. I popped him back in the  yard and my  friend used her horse whispering power and he chilled right out. I walked the course and it was tight and twisty but the jumps were 70-80 so nothing too crazy. When I hopped on to warm up Henry was a little bit tense but so much more relaxed than at Capel. I timed my warm up quite quickly and he kept his head while we waited to go into …

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