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Brigadoon II - Cross Country

After the course walk Saturday, there was nothing I was overly worried about on the course for Henry and I. All the spooky jumps were in the first half of the course, and I knew I would have to ride every jump equally.
My game plan was to tap Henry on the shoulder coming into 4, a bright house although more for my sake than his. I also planned on trotting through the water and wanted to trot early to make it clear to Henry we don’t slow down at water.
I was most nervous about the warm up which was sandwiched between the start and finish. Henry gets very worried watching horses gallop away from him and I was dreading riding him through that. He came out on Sunday knowing exactly what we were there for and he was excited and ready. I got on and put him to work and he settled and got on with it. Winning! It was the most relaxed XC warm up we have had yet so I got him where he needed to be and then chilled out while we waited to go. We were rider 10, and he didn’t even worry about watchin…

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