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Flashback Friday

Given the current state of things, I thought it would be a fun exercise for me to revisit past events. Plus I'm sure that like me many people want to a little relief from the flood of Covid-19 stuff flying around everywhere.

It's been a while since Coolie evented, so lets take a look back at an event from him, and Dakota too:

Eventing in Western Australia keeps us very busy throughout winter. We are very lucky to have many events and can compete almost every weekend.

The Accidental Eventer made her eventing d├ębut at Moora CNC in April. leading up to this event, we did a lot of show jumping and cross country training, with a few dressage days thrown in. She is getting pretty good at leaving the property and is pretty chill when we get to events.
Moora is a 2 hour drive from Perth, so we packed the ponies, OH, Super Groom and Spare Groom (not named by importance!) into the car and headed off on Friday night. The lead up tot this event was not quite what I had in mind, as we had …

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