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Pre event lesson

I had intended to write this post first, before my posts about Gidge but I got all caught up with the excitement of eventing. Can't blame me though, eventing is the best ever.
I had a lesson the day before the event to maximise our confidence during the event. I find this works really well for us, my coach knows how to push us to give us the perfect boost. She always gets extra mean before an event so things are perfect too. I really appreciate all her help for sure! We warmed up over poles and built up to a jump with ground poles. the single jump got up to about 1m before we started course work. Henry was feeling amazing after his saddle fit and physio session and I was so relieved!
We started out jumping a short course set at 80, starting with an upright and a related line. It went smoothly and Henry was doing flying changes and everything! We then did the second half of the course which went ok too. I just needed to ride forward and squeeze at the base of the jumps, but I am getti…

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