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Flashback Friday

Another Friday, another week done! This weekend we have more horse plans but today's post is from Alcoa Horse Trials in September 2016. This was the last event Dakota did, and she rocked it. I am eternally grateful I have a Rider Video of the whole thing, and when I rewatched it it bought tears to my eyes. She made it look so easy and she was so professional about it. At the time I knew she was special but looking back I don't think I knew how special. 
Link to the video here
We have been quietly working towards Fairbridge, after show jumping and XC training the other week. I took Dakota to pony club to have a play in the water jump after I was done coaching for the day. We worked on getting her to take off closer to the bank out of the water, as she has a tendancy to take a long spot!

 Saturday we were up bright and early to head down to Fairbridge. I wanted to try warming Dakota up for a good 45-60 minutes to see if it would help settle her and get her less tense.

We arrived, …

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